Business Development Manager-Photovoltaic and Energy Storage(Houston)

The United States
Las Vegas
Marketing and sales


1、Identify and develop new EPC partnerships in the renewable energy sector, particularly photovoltaic and energy storage. 2、Build and maintain relationships with financial institutions for collaborations in renewable energy projects. 3、Explore and expand opportunities in the photovoltaic and energy storage markets. 4、Assist the company in acquiring and maintaining necessary EPC qualifications. 5、Conduct price negotiations and contract discussions with EPC subcontractors. 6、Develop strategies for market penetration and growth in the renewable energy sector. 7、Conduct market research to understand industry trends and competitor strategies. 8、Collaborate with internal teams to align business development strategies with company goals.


1、Extensive experience in business development within the renewable energy sector, especially in photovoltaics and energy storage. 2、Experience in leading renewable energy companies such as Tesla, Sunrun, Enphase, Sunnova is highly desirable. 3、Strong understanding of the EPC model and experience in partnership development. 4、Excellent business negotiation and contract management skills. 5、Strategic thinker with an ability to identify opportunities in the renewable energy market. Working Location: 11011 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77042